Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015


The playable result of my first modest experiment in interactive story telling is available here:

I wanted to make myself familiar with Twine, so that it may become a useful tool for telling stories WITH a purpose one day.

I still have to learn a lot - so many sophisticated commands to use...
Hope I can handle the integration of images somehow.

Many thanks everyone for the feedback & comments I've received so far!
This will certainly motivate and help me improving my next textperiment. :)

One question I was asked is: Why in English?
Answer: I don't really know.  At the moment I'm reading, playing and watching a lot English books, games and films. Therefore it's sometimes difficult to avoid the bubbling babbling in this language as well. But I suppose I usually prefer doing this sort of nonsensical writing in my mother tongue. ;)

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